Introducing the Combined Churches Choir

Thank you for your interest in our choir.

Our members come from most of the local Christian churches (Anglican, Methodist, Catholic, Free Churches, URC etc).  We regard ourselves as fellow Christians sharing and celebrating what unites us. All who support Christian values and would like to sing with friends are welcome. For over 20 years, our choir has developed an identity of its own.


Take a look at our Repertoire page for an idea of what we’ve been singing recently, at Getting involved to learn more about how to join and at the History page to learn more about our background.


I love CCC! I have gained so much – yes, I hope both my singing and near non-existent sight-reading skills have improved, but I have been blessed in unexpected ways, too.  Of course, we enjoy singing together, but also learning, sharing fellowship, laughter and occasionally, food!

Hugely attractive informality. Little did I know when I went to a CCC performance of Roger Jones’ Mary Magdalen that I would end up as a member. I had never sung in a choir, apart from as a reluctant 11 or 12-year-old schoolboy…  I found the total informality hugely attractive –  a group of like-minded friends gathering to share the music that they had learned with others.